A cat and a horse

Many of our friends know that we’re cat mad and I’ve often added things here about our cats. We also have a horse-mad daughter who lives and breathes horses. Well, I’m sure she will be delighted when she sees this clip – it’s so cute! I have no idea what the song is about though!

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7 Responses to A cat and a horse

  1. What an adorable video! Any animal lover will eat that one up!

  2. The song is ridiculous–but the video is soooooo cute! Maybe the song makes the video cute–I don’t know 🙂

  3. Cute video! Couldn’t see the horse’s face much but I had to wonder if it had the same look my big red heeler gets when the cats start “loving” on her – “Mom, will you get this thing off me?”

  4. Like you, I am a cat lover. Wish I knew what the song was saying. Got nothing, not even a clue. The cat was adorable…the horse too.

  5. That is way too cute….we just have our little pooch, Aspen, but my daughter and her hubby have two cats that were lavishing me with more love than I knew how to handle when I stopped in after shopping last night. I’m sure I wasn’t as soft and fuzzy as this horse though….priceless video 🙂


  6. Teri Dempski says:

    Very cute. I wonder if the song is another language or just completely silly?

  7. Lyn says:

    Apparently it’s “childish” Swedish. The translation makes no sense. But cute video!


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