Drivers not getting the message

There was a story tonight on NineMSN’s ACA about young drivers not getting the message and in particular they were talking about the use of mobile phones.

Actually I don’t think it’s just the young drivers as I see LOTS of older drivers using mobile phones, from truck drivers, through to mothers taking kids to school, to couriers and men in high value cars.  I’ve even been in taxis when the drivers have answered their phones and carried on an intense conversation while driving me to my destination.  Do you think that made me feel safe in the car with them?  Not!

It’s a lot of people really that aren’t getting the message and yes, they are distracted. I don’t know that hands-free will make a lot of difference either, especially if a driver is trying to text a message back or look up a number to call.  The reality is the phone should not be on at all when they are driving.

Perhaps they need a new slogan:

“Switch off phone before you leave home,
switch on again when you reach the other end”.

I usually have mine on silent or I’m sitting on it in my back pocket – either way, I don’t touch it till I’ve gotten to where I was going.

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