Friday night, a cosy fire and great company

Last night was so relaxing.  Friday nights are starting to become quite different now we live here in the country.  Well, it’s a suburb in the country – as country as we’ll get without being miles away from anything.

Winter is drawing to an end but still extremely cold and quite wet here.  I knew Graham was coming home a bit earlier – as he often does on Friday nights.  I now know how to set the fire properly before lighting it so had a roaring fire going before I picked him up from the station.

The loungeroom was nice and cosy with the heat of the fire as well as our central heating. We don’t really need the wood fire but it has such a lovely ambience – there’s something comforting about it.

So once dinner arrived (we always get it delivered now on Friday nights) we settled in front of the large TV and watched a movie, hubby and I snuggled on the couch and the cats around us.  Bliss.

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