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Can’t help myself really. I’ll blame it on Mel this time round.  She took me to the most interesting place a couple of weeks ago.  Cafe, nursery and formal gardens all wrapped into one. It’s called Cloudehill.  She was saying that was one of her most favourite coffee places and we got talking about that.  I told her that would make a great idea for a website where people could add their favourite coffee places to visit.

So, MyFavCoffeePlace was born – yesterday morning.  I sat on the idea for a couple of weeks and finally did something about it. Really happy with the theme I found for it – I tried out several but this one suits perfectly – go have a look and see what I mean!

Took Graham there yesterday.  He’s got a bad back at the moment, poor thing, and can’t go out riding so he agreed to come out and look at gardens and go to this cafe with me. He loved the place, just as I do. And we bought the new book they’ve just published so we can get ideas for our property.  We don’t want to do formal gardens but we liked the informal area which would suit our property perfectly. Planting bushes and flowers in and around all the gum trees and along the tracks that Maa (our sheep) has established. Graham and Dave want to go riding down there once the tracks have been finished – they want to be able to do circuits down there.  Half acre approx so that should make for a bit of fun and a lot of work 🙂

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