Happy New Year everyone!

I hope and trust that you had a good Christmas and New Year celebrations and time with family and friends.  We did get some special time with our daughters and their husbands over Christmas and then visited with Graham’s sister and brother-in-law interstate for the New Year period. Short trip but it was still 5 days away so we could rest, relax, eat and sleep well, and just enjoy good company.

Graham spoilt me for Christmas and gave me a Nikon D90 camera with a fantastic telephoto lens and zoom lens. It’s a SLR Digital and will do up to 100 photos in quick succession – I don’t have to wait for the camera to be ready for my next shot which frustrated the heck out of me with my other digital camera. He probably broke the bank buying it but I’m showing him how much I appreciate it and have taken 390 photos already since Christmas day :-).  Walking around the country town where Graham’s sister lives was a real treat – they have a gorgeous garden and the surrounding areas were beautiful too.  I just couldn’t help but take lots of photos!

I’m a real shutter bug and suspect when we ‘retire’ I’ll take up photography as a serious hobby. I did learn how to frame prints some years ago and think I’ll have to resurrect that learning so I can frame my own photos.  As soon as I have the camera software installed and operating I’ll start sharing some of the pics!

Addendum: I think you can see these photos – Graham and I visited Timandra garden around the corner from where we were staying.

And in this one you’ll see my husband and brother-in-law and a nephew and his wife and kids.  We visited Melrose so my husband could try out the mountain bike tracks there and Rod and I went for a walk up the mountain there.

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