I long for quieter places

If you’ve seen my tweets just now I’ve had a very noisy police helicopter hovering over my house and it was loud and shaking the house and the trees and Graham’s radio aerial were whipping all over the place. I made sure all the doors were locked – just in case.

Just this week on Tuesday the neighbour had something installed in the end room of their house (other side of the fence from my office) and I had to put up with drilling and thumping all day.  My first headache for the week – and I don’t usually suffer headaches.

Then Wednesday two houses down a neighbour was having something done to their drains – 5 hours of a pump humming loudly and I had the worst headache at the end of it. Two headaches in one week for me is unheard of.  Then when it stopped the two dogs across the road started up for an hour till the owner came home.

Then today the pump was going again for awhile and then the helicopter. Is it any wonder I long for quieter places?

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