It’s been a year now

Well, we’ve been in our new year a whole year now. Where has that time gone?  Not only that but our grandson is almost a year old too. And Graham is drawing closer to retiring, just a couple of years to go.  Oh, and the cats totally love this place – plenty of room to run at fullspeed without going into other people’s properties, i.e. having to slow down to jump fences and no need to run out on the road.  They do love it here.

I’m fanatically taking photos like it’s going out of fashion. Can’t help it, totally hooked and loving it.  Just need to find what I can do with it.  I am creating my own greeting cards and using my photos for that – lots of fun and it’s giving me opportunity to let people know I’m thinking of them too which is special.

Next month Oliver turns one year of age and he shares his birthday with his dad and his grandad. I wonder if that’s some kind of record?  All males, with the same surname and all with birthdays on the same date.

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