Life in the Dandenongs

Well, we’ve been in our new home 5 months now.   Still not fully unpacked but liveable. Guess that means what we haven’t unpacked we might not really need, hey?  But those things are mostly DVDs, books, videos and we periodically go scrabbling through the boxes to find a movie we want to watch or something.

We’ve pretty much got a routine happening now and each day I go out with camera in hand to see what photos I can get.  We have a family of 5 kookaburras here and tons of other birdlife so there’s always something.  And I’ve recently joined the local photographic society to go on photowalks and get to know other photographers.   So far I’ve been to William Rickets Sanctuary and JW Manson Reserve where there’s a creek and ovals.  I’ve got some photos over at my photoblog.

Our first Easter in our new home, the weather has been beautiful, but it’s been marred with some sorrow. Our second Easter without Miriam and her birthday is coming up very soon. Which has also highlighted my own personal sorrow at the loss of my son 30 years ago. He would have been 31 this week.

It is Oliver’s first Easter but at 4 months of age he’s too young yet to know what it’s all about. His mum and dad happily eat the chocolate though 🙂  Mel turns 30 this year and it’s likely we’ll hold her party in our home, which is designed for entertaining.  We’ll enjoy doing that.

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