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Can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted here.

I have recovered from my broken leg, although I had a rod in my leg now and it prevents me from kneeling on my left knee comfortably. But I am back to walking, although I take it carefully on downward slopes. Upwards is fine.  Trying to get back into walking 25-40kms a week.  So far I’ve managed about 15kms in a week. Attempting to go out 3-4 times a week at least and sometimes achieve up to 6kms but most times it’s more like 2.5-4kms.  This is partly due to finding sufficient time to go out when it’s not too hot, being near the end of a hot summer here, and partly due to sometimes feeling like my left ankle isn’t up to it. Since the op I sometimes feel my ankle isn’t clicking into place properly. But most times it’s ok.

Over the past year both Meredith and Christine have gotten married and settled into their new lives and their homes.  Christine experienced a bad accident 6 weeks after her marriage and got kicked in the face by a thoroughbred horse. She spent 4 days in the Royal Melbourne Hospital in a coma and then in recovery. She’s almost back to normal but is still working shortened hours, waiting for the doctor to say she can go back to full time. She’s been on workcover all this time.  Her husband is reluctant to let her back with horses yet, which I fully understand, however it is her love and passion and she’s never wanted to do anything else.  Hopefully that will resolve over time as she gets back into things fully.

Graham turned 60 last December and the family and I bought him a cruise to New Zealand. It was a 13 day cruise and well deserved and needed. We also had our 21st wedding anniversary just after his birthday and then Christmas after that, so it would a good combined gift from us all to him (and me).  We loved the trip and will be doing more cruises, I’m sure. Got tons of photos (as is to be expected) and saw so many lovely places, the weather was perfect and so was the trip.  Highly recommend doing the Princess Cruise to New Zealand if you’re looking for a great cruise to do. We loved that we could leave from Melbourne and didn’t have to catch a plane.
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Graham is still improving, but much more slowly now. He’s probably at 80-85% capacity since his accident in 2011 but will probably never fully recover. But it hasn’t stopped him doing things, even if he is still in constant pain.  He’s off most meds now and has gotten on his bike about 3 times now – hard work but he’s determined to really get back into it. Once the weather is cooler, then I’m sure he’ll be going further afield and doing longer rides.  For my part, I’m pleased to see him get back on his bike. It’s his love, he enjoys it and I know he feels confined and restricted when he can’t be doing what he loves doing.  A part of him dies or is asleep, but comes alive when he’s riding. So I encourage him to go for it.

We have other things happening and I’ll share in other posts.

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