We’re getting chooks!

Pretty much since we shifted here, I wanted to get chooks so we could have fresh eggs. I wanted to bake again, grow veges and fruit, and put in a fish pond. Well, we’re getting there. The vege garden is happening and we’ve had silverbeet and tomatoes. We have new tomatoes growing now, carrots, lettuce and the corn and pumpkins have just begun sprouting.

We have several fruit trees here already but we will put more in, hopefully later this year.

Our current project is the chook pen so we can get some chickens (hopefully next weekend).  Was hoping we’d be ready this weekend just past but the builders found removing tree roots to get the trench dug around 3 sides of the pen rather challenging and time consuming. So it’s taken longer.

This is the start of the pen. It’s being attached to an original chook shed/house and extended to 6.5 x 4mtrs in size.
Chook pen build

This was day 1. Below are images from day 3. The cage wire has been added on the roof and most of the sides and the door put in place with a bolt.

Chook pen build

Chook pen build

They’ll be back on Tuesday to put in the colourbond sheets into the trenches to prevent foxes from digging in and finish off the cage wire and put cement under where the door opens. Plus build the nesting boxes inside the shed. From there we should be ready!

I couldn’t pick up chickens on Saturday 🙁 but I was able to go pick up straw for their nesting boxes, their feed and a feeder and waterer.  All ready in our garden shed, alongside the hay for our sheep.  Almost ready to get our chickens. Can’t wait!


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