What are the odds?

Graham and I got married in December 1991.  My eldest daughter was all of 11 at the time and elected not to take on his surname but my other two daughters did.  When we married we had 5 daughters between the ages of 4 and 11.

Move forward 7 years and Melanie (our eldest) meets Ryan Thomas.  We thought that funny but more than that, Ryan’s birthday is exactly the same day as Graham’s.  Melanie married Ryan 5 years later and ended up with the surname Thomas after all.  When Graham turned 50 Ryan turned 25.  Ryan shares some similar interests to Graham including cycling – road and mountain.

Move forward another 5 years.  Melanie and Ryan have just had their first baby who they named Oliver.  Oliver’s birth date is 1st December.  3 Thomas males, 3 generations and sharing birth dates of 1st December.

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