When a life touches so many

You can’t help but be spellbound.  I didn’t follow Michael Jackson’s life for the most part but I always did enjoy his music and loved watching his movements on the TV.  He was an entertainer who did entrance his audience.

His recent passing has caught the world over with the suddeness of how it happened and at such a young age too. He was around 2 years younger than I am.

I guess because we experienced our own immediate family loss not that long ago and then the son of a cousin less than two weeks ago, watching the Jackson family during the memorial service really touched my heart and emotions.  I could feel what they were feeling and I know what they will be going through for the next few months and year.  It is hard to believe how quickly and suddenly such a thing can happen.

A friend of mine from the Baby Boomer Divas has put together a wonderful slideshow about Michael’s service and I invite you to go watch and listen.

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3 Responses to When a life touches so many

  1. Kathie,

    I know you are well aware of the pain of losing a loved one and I’m sure you felt a special empathy with the Jackson family.
    It is amazing when you think of the impact his short life had on the entire world. Sometimes the most gifted talents endure the greatest struggles and it seems that Michael had more than his share of both.
    His loss will be mourned and his music missed by the millions of those who loved him.

  2. Kathryn did a wonderful job with her slide show and you’re right–MJ touched so many lives around the world–I, too, had no idea of his magnetic impact. It was a prceless moment in time.

  3. Pam Archer says:

    I am so sad for the loss of Michael Jackson. He lived a very sad life. People often mistake celebrity for happiness, but all too often that isn’t true.

    You can empathize with MJ’s family, because of your own loss. His little children need protection and nurturing now more than ever.

    It was nice of you to highlight Kathryn’s tribute.

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