A year of changes

This past year has been one of tremendous upheaval and change.  A year ago if someone would have told us we would lose a daughter, make plans to shift to the country, our family was going to increase and different daughters all shifting, we wouldn’t have thought it possible.

Just 9 months ago our lives hit rock bottom with the loss of Miriam and we couldn’t even see a future.  We just had to take life one day at a time and hang on to our family, to our friends and to our faith in God.  We couldn’t see why or how this could happen and our sorrow ran very deep.  It has taken us many months to start to feel like we used to but only in short spasms which are slowly growing longer.

This year Meredith moved interstate because she’d secured a govt position and works in a dept that assists international students to settle into Australia.

Then recently Christine bought a house in the country and will be shifting into it in June.  Mel and Ryan are shifting too as their landlord has sold the house they are in and they also will shift in June, a week before Christine.

And Graham and I will be in Canada when they’re all shifting so we can’t help them.

Last weekend was Mother’s Day and my family gave me a new macro lens for my camera which has become a constant companion whenever I leave my house.  If you haven’t seen any of my photos then you need to check out my photoblog at www.kathiesphotos.com to see a daily update on photos. I take hundreds but only share a few on the blog (don’t want to be boring everyone).  The macro lens will allow me to take really close shots of flowers, insects and other items of interest.

dummyThen Mel and Ryan gave me a small box to open and when I opened it I couldn’t at first understand the significance – my thoughts were had I been spitting the dummy about something and I asked them?  They laughed at me and then announced they are pregnant.  The dummy in its box is now sitting  on the shelf of my desk so I can see it every day.

Graham and I are going to be grandparents!  Melanie wanted us to keep it quiet till she was 12 weeks, which she is now.  The baby is due 28th November.  She and Ryan have been married 5 years this month and she will be 29 in August.

So exciting.  And the amazing thing is that last year at Miriam’s funeral in October a lady from my church, who regularly receives Words from God told me that there is new life coming within the year.  I can’t wait to ring Janet to tell her.

So many changes for us this year.  Melanie and Ryan shifting next month to Monbulk further in the country.  We looked at a home in Kallista in the hills last weekend which is literally 5 mins down the road from where Mel and Ryan will be living – but we didn’t know that at the time.  We’d love to sign for it but we need to put our home on the market first and we don’t have time to get it ready before going to Canada in 2 weeks’ time so it will all have to wait till we get back home.  If that house is meant for us we just have to trust God that it will be still there for us when we’re ready or a home like it.

And Christine buying a house in Wangaratta, 3 hours north (on the way to Sydney) from us. She works with horses (thoroughbreds) and did her study in Wangaratta, is connected with the people and church there and loves the area.  She’s 24 and single and saved a deposit and has done it all herself. We’re so proud of her.

So almost all of our family have shifted or will be shifting this year and we have a new family member joining us before Christmas.  I can’t believe the number of changes that have already taken place in our family this year and we’re not quite half way through the year.  I wonder what else God has in store for us?

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6 Responses to A year of changes

  1. Oh, Kathie, you and your family have experienced many huge and emotional shifts over the past twelve months. But with the wonderful news that you’re about to become grandparents, these shifts are certainly ending on a high note. I wish you and yours great happiness with the new addition to your family. You will be blessed, indeed!

  2. Debra Stokes says:

    Isn’t is amazing? One minute our lives can be headed in one direction and in an instant, everything changes. Everything in your life is “shifting”. But isn’t that just the way life goes? Things are constantly “shifting”. I can safely say that the ONLY constant is God and His undying love for us.

    You and your family have weathered many storms. Here comes the sun!

  3. It’s funny the way God helps us to accept the changes in our lives. Over the years mothers especially get so attached to their children that seeing them move on and make decisions without you can be a really sad thing, even though it’s exactly what we want them to do. But then a new family member arrives…

  4. There is always a blessing in every storm. Unfortunately many people are so focused on the storm that they never keep moving ahead to see the rainbow. God is lighting your path in a new direction.

    A new grandbaby will be a joy and delight for your lives and I can’t wait to see the newborn pics cause I know you’re going to take lots of them!

    One thing–is a “dummy” a pacifier???

  5. Pam Archer says:


    You have faced more changes in the past year than many will experience in a life time. Your faith has been tested, and strained at time for Graham, but He will use these things in your life to glorify himself, and for you to help others facing similar heartache and change.

    I am so happy for the latest news..all good…that your children are doing so well. They are a reflection of you and Graham. You have done a brilliant job of parenting.

  6. Kathie says:

    Yes Beverly, I think that’s what you call a dummy in the US. We’ve never called it that.

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