There is great healing in “The Shack”

If you read this and other blogs you will know that we lost a daughter 3 months ago today.  Travelling since that time has been hard, difficult and slow going and there are days when we feel like we’re not moving forward at all and other days when we almost feel normal, but not quite.  What is ‘normal’ anyway?

I’ve had several people tell me we should read “The Shack” and when I first heard what it was about briefly I felt that I did not want to read it at all. Too close to home.  But as more and more people began to say we really should read it and that there so many parallels with what we’ve been going through I began to think perhaps I really did want to read it.  Our daughters gave it to me for Christmas and my head has been buried in it since Boxing Day (yesterday).  I’m more than 3/4 through it and already have seen/felt the healing that is inside this book. And such truths too.

So far the thing I’ve gotten out of it the most is that God doesn’t cause tragedies to happen, and whilst He doesn’t prevent them either, He does use them to work ‘incredible good out of unspeakable tragedies’.  It’s early days for us yet but I do know that when suitable time has passed that God will help Graham and I to grow out of this suffering and that we may end up helping others either directly or indirectly because of our ability to share and love others.

I’ll probably report more after I’ve finished reading it but just felt led to share this one powerful thing I have learnt from it.  I hope that Graham will read it too – it’s a powerful book.

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  1. Nerida Gill says:

    Glad to hear that reading the book has brought some healing Kathie. When you’re in the thick of suffering it is difficult to see how it could possibly be used to help others but you can be sure that he will work ‘incredible good out of unspeakable tragedies’.

  2. Kathie, I am sorry to hear of your loss. I am glad you are finding ways to heal. I also read the Shack and I can see why you would recommend it.



  3. Dearest Kathie,

    You, Graham, and your entire family have experienced the kind of loss that is truly tragic. Without question, it will take time, love, and inspiration to heal from this devastating event. I’m so glad that you found a book that helps. You’re a woman of amazing faith and resilience and I know that many benefit from your inner strength.
    I wish you and your family peace, healing, and many blessings in the new year.

  4. Kathie,

    I think it’s always great to find a book that can help you deal with whatever you may be dealing with at a particular time in life. One book that helped me trmendously (and still does) is “Ask & It is Given” by Esther & Jeremy Hicks. I hope “The Shack” is a blessing for you and Graham.

  5. Betty Lynch says:


    I’m so glad you are reading this book. May God use this book to speak to you and Graham. You are in our continued prayers.



  6. Pam Archer says:

    I have that book now. I will read it after I finish Linda Alexander’s, Rober Taylor’s biography. What a blessing that it could speak to your heart in a healing way! I was told that the author had written to his children, that it is fiction, but that it represents God and the Holy Spirt working in our lives.

    Praising him for all the steps forward emerging from your grief!

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